Degreasing and cleaning

Increasingly strict environmental requirements are opening more and more eyes to the advantages offered by more environmentally sound degreasing and cleaning techniques.Compact Clean manufactures cleaning machines that employ water-based technology. A wide range of articles can now be degreased or cleaned in the company’s standard machines.

Everything from bolts, fittings, valves, pipes and hoses, through semi-finished and finished articles, to tools is cleaned in the metal industries. Cleaning machines are also used in tempering, chromium-plating and electroplating plants. The auto industry degreases engines, clutches, gears and brake components. The food industry uses machines to clean meat hooks, fish crates and plastic packaging. Compact Clean has also supplied DSB with machines to clean bearings, electric motors and wheels from its trains. The military, which needs to clean weapons, aero engines and aircraft parts, is also a Compact Clean customer.

The company’s standard range of cleaning machines therefore offers a wide range of options, but some customers need special machines to satisfy the special requirements of the production line with regard to articles in non-standard sizes. Compact Clean develops such machines in collaboration with the customer. The development process includes technical and chemical tests on the customer’s own articles at the factory in Jægerspris. This involves close collaboration with our chemical supplier, a must if a perfect synthesis is to be achieved. Collaboration makes it possible to carry out development continuously and perform a range of diverse tasks.

Cleaning is often a key part of the production line, with service and reliability being of vital importance. We also manufacture special conveyor machines that can be adapted to a company’s individual requirements.

In future Compact Clean will work to make more and more people see the sense of investing in aqueous degreasing and cleaning so that they can dispense with dangerous solvents completely.

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