Compact 643 og 643 Combi. Basket washer.

Kurvevasker, når det skal være meget rent og tørt.

The basket washer – for the ultimate in cleaning and drying

  • Sturdy Danish degreasing machine

  • Stainless steel inside and out

  • Insulated throughout

  • Large basket – 630 x 480 x 300

  • Or 2 medium baskets

  • Or 3 small baskets per wash

  • Items can be tumbled or

  • secured during rotation

  • Automatic skimmer built in

The 643 is available with:
Wash with constant rotation
Wash and dry with constant rotation
Wash-Rinse and dry

643 Combi.

The Combi model uses the same basket sizes as the previous model, but is designed for articles that need to be extremely clean. It is a machine that can alternate between/combine direct washing and total immersion.

It is particularly suitable for articles with through holes, blind holes and internal channels, and for when there are a lot of items in the same basket.

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